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February 16-25, 2024



Cathy Currin

Contact: Patricia Wallace
(760) 807-1824 pawscout@yahoo.com

Fair Office

(760) 863-8247


Each Division

Sweepstakes Award
$25 & Rosette

Best of Division
$10 & Rosette

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Entry Fee

$5 per entry

Entry Receiving Day

Monday, February 12
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Crafts & Hobbies Building
Park at Gate 1 on Highway 111

Judging Date

Wednesday, February 14
10:00 a.m.

Pick Up Date

Monday, February 26
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Crafts & Hobbies Building
Park at Gate 1 on Highway 111

Special Rules & Guidelines

  1. Open to residents of Riverside County 18 years and over and not enrolled in High School.
  2. Open to all Amateurs.
  3. One (1) entry per class, per exhibitor.
  4. Judges reserve the right to move or disqualify any exhibit that does not abide by the Rules of Floriculture-Horticulture.
  5. Only 1st place winners will be eligible for Best of Division ribbon. To be eligible, there must be a minimum of three (3) entries per division.
  6. The exhibitor must have grown exhibits in the Floriculture Department for at least 45 days prior to entry, except for Floral Arrangements and Dry Plant Materials.
  7. Contact the building supervisor for admission tickets. The exhibitor must maintain exhibits until the close of the scheduled show period. Only exhibitors entering exhibits that require daily care will be provided admission credentials as they are limited.
  8. Any exhibit not kept in fresh condition will be removed and awards withheld.
  9. Plant material must be clean and free of mildew, insects, spray residue, dust or dirt.
  10. Exhibits must be adequately and correctly labeled with complete name(s) of plant for public information.
  11. All plants entered as flowering plants must be in bloom to be eligible for premium awards.
  12. All exhibits must be newly arranged and not shown at a previous Date Festival.
  13. No artificial flowers or foliage is permitted unless division or class permits use (i.e. grapes may be substituted with artificial produce).
  14. No painted or dyed fresh-plant material will be permitted.
  15. Accessories are permitted in all classes. Accessories may be interpreted as one or more components of the design.
  16. All arrangements will be secured by the building supervisor and staff prior to the opening of Fair.
  17. All possible care will be taken to prevent loss or damage to exhibits but in no event will the Fair Management, Building Supervisors or workers be responsible for any injury or loss which might occur.
  18. Qualified exhibitors, both men and women, are divided into the following classes:
  19. Beginners are defined as winners of 1-15 ribbons in past competitions.
  20. Advanced are defined as winners of 16-50 or more ribbons in past competitions.


  1. Minimum 6 inch container

Scorecards for Judging Plants

  • Cultural Perfection: 60%
  • Correct Labeling: 15%
  • Rarity: 15%
  • Container: 10%


  1. All plants must be growing roots and should be established at least two (2) weeks before entry
  2. Garden must contain at lest three (3) different plants
  3. Minimum 6 inch container

Scorecards for Judging Gardens

  • Artistic Effects: 40%
  • Quality of Plants: 40%
  • Proportion of Plants to Container: 20%

Hanging Decor

  1. All wall hangings have hooks or hangers and ready to be hung
  2. Maximum Size is 30 inch by 30 inch including frame.


  1. All displays must incorporate dried or living plant material
  2. NO artificial or silk flowers may be used
  3. NO display can be larger than 5 inch high by 5 inch depth
  4. Bases must be incorporated into display – NO cardboard or cardstock

Scorecards for Judging Miniatures

  • Scale: 35%
  • Design: 25%
  • Distinction & Condition: 10%
  • Expression: 10%
  • Color Harmony: 10%
  • Base: 10%

Dry Plants

  1. No artificial or silk flowers may be used
  2. No dry entry shall have a base larger than 16 inch by 24 inch or exceed 36 inch in height

Scorecards for Judging Arrangements

  • Design: 30%
  • Color & Textural Harmony: 20%
  • Interpretation & Originality: 20%
  • Distinction & Condition: 15%
  • Conformance: 15%



260, 261

Potted Plants


  1. Cactus One (1) plant
  2. Flowering Plant
  3. Foliage One (1) plant
  4. Most Unusual House Plant Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible
  5. Pothos or Philodendron
  6. Succulent

262, 263

Hanging Plants


  1. Flowering
  2. Foliage One (1) plant
  3. Mixed Foliage
  4. Other Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible


264, 265

PLANTed GardenS


  1. Cacti (Desert Landscape)
  2. In a Basket
  3. Succulent With Rock
  4. Tropical
  5. Other Garden Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible

Hanging Decor

270, 271

Dry Plant Material Hanging Decor


  1. Design with Frame
  2. Straw Wreath
  3. Wall Hanging (All Date Material and No Frame)
  4. Wall Hanging (No Date Material and No Frame)
  5. Other Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible




  1. Animal Antics (Using Animal Figure or Container)
  2. Arabian Influence
  3. Desert Beauty (On the Trail)
  4. Eggsactly (In an Eggshell)
  5. In a Bottle
  6. In a Thimble
  7. Recycled Treasures (Glass, Metal, Mirror)
  8. Toyland (Using a Toy)
  9. Use of Dates
  10. Under the Sea
  11. Let’s Get Nutty
  12. In a Shoe or Boot
  13. Other Miniature Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible

Dry Plants

Dry Plant Material Arrangements


  • Aladdin's Table (Fantasy Table Arrangement)
  • Baskets
  • Date Garden (Dry Date Material of Your Choice)
  • Desert Delight ( Using Desert Weeds Only)
  • Indian Summer (Using Indian Basket or Pottery)
  • On the Trail (Using Leaves, Wood, and Cones etc.)
  • Other Arrangement Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible


Carefully review this guide as it contains all of the applicable information regarding the exact rules and deadlines for this specific category, ensuring you are entering the correct classes in advance. When you submit your entry online you are agreeing that you understand the rules and regulations.


All entries must be made online through ShoWorks. If you plan to make changes to your entries or need to leave ShoWorks at any time - SAVE YOUR CART before exiting out. Once you select PAY NOW your entry will be submitted and you will not be able to make changes to your cart online. Those needing assistance with online entries can visit the Main Office Wednesday, January 24, 2024 to Friday, January 26, 2024 10:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday, January 27 9:00am - 3:00pm. The Main Office is located in the Shalimar building at Gate 4 on Arabia Street.


Online credit card payments are the only method to enter your exhibit and are due upon entry. Cash or check payments will not be accepted.



Any entry or payment submitted past this deadline will not be accepted.

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