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February 16-25, 2024



Kathy Thompson and Kate Fitzsimmons

Contact: Patricia Wallace
(760) 807-1824

Fair Office

(760) 863-8247


Each Division

Best of Division
$120 & Rosette

1st Place
$40 & Rosette

2nd Place
$30 & Rosette

3rd Place
$15 & Rosette

Honorable Mention

Awards of Excellence

Supervisor's Award
$75 & Rosette

Fair Advisory Board Award
$75 & Rosette & Plaque

Judges' Award
$200 & Rosette & Plaque

Best of Show
$200 & Rosette & Plaque

Entry Fee

$10 per entry

Entry Receiving Day

Tuesday, February 6
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Exhibits Building
Park at Gate 1 off of HWY 111

Judging Date

Thursday, February 8
10:00 a.m.

Closed Judging

Pick Up Date

Monday, February 26
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Exhibits Building
Park at Gate 4 on Arabia Street

Special Rules & Guidelines

  1. All local, general, and state rules will apply to this section.
  2. Open to residents of Riverside County 18 YEARS AND OVER AND NOT ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL and/or recognized members of legitimate Arts organization in Riverside County.
  3. Three (3) entries per exhibitor. Artwork may not have been shown in a previous Riverside County Fair.
  4. All entries must have a label securely attached to the upper right-hand corner on the back of frame or bottom of sculpture. Labels are available on our website. It should contain the following information printed neatly or typed:
    1. EXHIBITORS NAME & MAILING ADDRESS AS ENTERED ONLINE Exhibitors with out of county addresses must list a Riverside County Art Group Affiliation.
    3. SALE PRICE IF FOR SALE If not, put NSF (not for sale)
  5. Artwork titles should be no longer than 35 characters, including spaces. The artist must cover signature appearing on artwork until judging is complete. Fine Art Committee members are eligible to enter their paintings in the Fine Arts Division.
  6. Only original artwork conceived and created by the entrant will be considered. All entries must be the work of living artists, be current within the last three (3) years, and be original artwork. No copies will be accepted of other artists work(s) or of published photographs due to copyright infringements. No giclee prints or digital prints of original artwork will be accepted. Proof must be available if requested.
  7. The Fine Arts Supervisor and Fair Management reserves the right to reject entries due to content of subject matter that might be objectionable to family viewing, as well as not meeting entry standards and guidelines. No subjects dealing with death, blood, morbidity, or frontal nudity will be accepted.
  8. CHOOSE DIVISION AND CLASS CATEGORY CAREFULLY. Judges selections will be based on appropriateness of division and class entered. Judges and the Fine Arts Committee reserve the right to accept, reject, or re-classify any exhibit if such an action is, in its judgment, in the best interest of the Riverside County Fair and the Fine Arts Committee. If the committee and/or judges are certain that the artwork does not meet these requirements, the work will not be judged. Unacceptable work will be rejected on date of receiving. No refunds of entry fees will be made on rejected works. Works may be rejected on the basis of excessive fragility.
  9. All works will be judged together and the decision of the judges is final. To encourage high standards, the judge shall award first, second, third places, etc., according to merit. If without merit, the judge shall make no award under any circumstances.
  10. Once the Fair receives entry, no further handling of the entry by exhibitor shall be permitted. Fair personnel shall determine location and final placement. Special instructions for handling may be included with entry.
  11. Exhibits must remain in place for the duration of the Fair. All inquiries regarding sale of entries will be referred directly to the artist. Sold artwork must remain in the show until the close of the Fair. The Fine Art Committee will provide prices for buyers.
  12. The Riverside Country Fair reserves the right to photographically document any work accepted in the exhibition for use in catalogues, publications, publicity materials, or for purposes deemed necessary to Fair operation.
  13. All possible care will be taken with entries, however, the Fair Management, Fine Art Supervisors, or workers will assume no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind.
  14. The Riverside Country Fair will not be liable for any exhibits not picked up on dates and times specified for pick-up. All artwork not picked up by Monday, February 26 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in The Exhibits Building will be donated to local charities.
Art Label - Printable

Two-Dimensional Works

  1. All Fine Arts Department Special Rules and Guidelines apply to all two-dimensional works of art. Please refer to Fine Art Department Special Rules and Guidelines document to view the full list.
  2. All two-dimensional media to include but not limited to: oils, water media, drawings, art prints (wood), and mixed media (no photography).
  3. All computer art must be original and represented in an acceptable medium such as: oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, or ink. No prints will be accepted.
  4. All accepted two-dimensional entries must be framed and/or ready to hang. Fair will not furnish or protect any works with glass, plastic or hanging apparatus. Screw eyes and hanging wire should be placed so the painting will hang closest to wall. Only picture wire will be accepted.
  5. Box-type canvas will be accepted with no staples showing. Also, must be finished (painted) around sides. All other paintings must have a professional-type frame.
  6. Paintings not thoroughly dry will not be accepted.
  7. Acceptable exhibit sizes for paintings (including frames): Smallest dimension, not less than 16 inch by 20 inch either way. Largest dimension, not more than 40 inch either way horizontally or vertically. Either not more than 4 inch deep.
  8. Watercolors must be glassed or plexi-glassed and properly wired.

Three-Dimensional Works

  1. All Fine Arts Department Special Rules and Guidelines apply to all three-dimensional works of art. Please refer to Fine Art Department Special Rules and Guidelines document to view the full list.
  2. All three-dimensional media, including but not limited to: sculpture, clay, metal works, functional works, glass, stone, and mixed media.
  3. Three-dimensional entries designed to hang must be wired or equipped for hanging.
  4. Three-dimensional artwork must be mounted on a suitable base for structural support and proper presentation.
  5. Sets should be considered as one entry.
  6. Acceptable exhibit sizes for sculptures: Smallest dimension no less than 12 inch in width or height. Largest dimension is not to exceed more than 36 inch either way and cannot weigh more than fifty (50) pounds. Base Relief dimension not to exceed 40 inch either way and not deeper than 4 inch.





Traditional / Representational


  1. Animals Any medium
  2. Architecture & Drawing Any medium
  3. Drawing Black and White Ink, graphite/color pencils
  4. Floral Oil, acrylic, pastel
  5. Floral Watercolor
  6. Landscape Oil, acrylic, pastel
  7. Landscape Watercolor
  8. Seascape & Marine Any medium
  9. Desert Landscape Any medium
  10. Nature Forms Any medium
  11. People and Figures Any medium
  12. Portrait Any medium
  13. Still Life Any medium
  14. Western Any medium
  15. Mixed medium Any medium
  16. Mechanical devices Any medium
  17. Theme Medium Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible


Non-Traditional / Non-Representational


18. Animals Any medium
19. Architecture & Drawing Any medium
20. Drawing Black and White Ink, graphite/color pencils
21. Floral Oil, acrylic, pastel
22. Floral Watercolor
23. Landscape Oil, acrylic, pastel
24. Landscape Watercolor
25. Seascape & Marine Any medium
26. Desert Landscape Any medium
27. Nature Forms Any medium
28. People and Figures Any medium
29. Portrait Any medium
30. Still Life Any medium
31. Western Any medium
32. Mixed medium Any medium
33. Mechanical devices Any medium
34. Abstract
35. Computer Art
36. Theme Medium Must be specified in Description Field or ineligible


Sculpture & Other 3D Works


  1. Traditional
  2. Non-traditional
  3. Traditional Theme
  4. Non Traditional Theme


Carefully review this guide as it contains all of the applicable information regarding the exact rules and deadlines for this specific category, ensuring you are entering the correct classes in advance. When you submit your entry online you are agreeing that you understand the rules and regulations.


All entries must be made online through ShoWorks. If you plan to make changes to your entries or need to leave ShoWorks at any time - SAVE YOUR CART before exiting out. Once you select PAY NOW your entry will be submitted and you will not be able to make changes to your cart online. Those needing assistance with online entries can visit the Main Office Wednesday, January 24, 2024 to Friday, January 26, 2024 10:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday, January 27 9:00am - 3:00pm. The Main Office is located in the Shalimar building at Gate 4 on Arabia Street.


Online credit card payments are the only method to enter your exhibit and are due upon entry. Cash or check payments will not be accepted.



Any entry or payment submitted past this deadline will not be accepted.

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