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The Rawhide Express

All Aboard!

The Rawhide Express
The Rawhide Express
The Rawhide Express is steaming into the 70th Annual Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, February 12-21.   Come out and enjoy this magnificent train ride, (environmentally friendly of course) as it takes you on a tour of the Festival.    The tour is free of charge; just kick back and relax while Engineer Ken narrates all of the magnificent events taking place throughout the Fair.  

The Rawhide Express has been involved in the fair industry since 1978.  Engineer Ken has been charming his way into the lives of many in his custom-built, fiberglass touring train since 1995 and says that he will continue until his last “ALL ABOARD!”  

Daily runs through the Fair grounds at between 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

See what else is happening at the fair by viewing the Calendar of Events.