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Meet Queen Scheherazade & Her Court

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Early storytellers of Baghdad say that there was once a jealous king named Shahriyar, who dearly loved his beautiful wife. But, unfortunately, he discovered that she was unfaithful. So he promptly had her beheaded.

The King vowed he would remarry and the morning following his wedding night his bride would be slain.

The task of finding the King a new wife each day was turned over to the Grand Vizier (Chief of Police). It so happened that the Vizier was the father of two of the most beautiful women in the land-Scheherazade and Dunyazade. Shocked at what was happening to her sister citizens, Scheherazade begged her father to take her as a bride to the king. At first the Vizier refused, but Scheherazade argued that eventually her time would come.

And so it was, that the king met “Scheherazade”, a comedian and great storyteller.

On their wedding night Scheherazade started the Tale of 1001 Nights, but she was unable to finish it. She promised to do so the next evening. Intensely interested, the king agreed. However, the next night, Scheherazade again stopped her story as it reached an exciting point. Again, the King agreed to a continuance.

And so it went for 1001 nights, until the King fell deeply in love with Scheherazade and they lived happily ever after.

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